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July 1, 2017
Secrets of the Raven…by Raven Starr
August 13, 2017

The Adventure of Griffin Kane-Part Three

Lincoln Rycliffe and Griffin Kane arrive in the Vertha District. They emerge from their silver coupe. Lincoln’s long trench coat flows behind him. He holds onto the door as he points up ahead.

They see a pristine ten story immaculate hotel. The stark lines of the glass windows mixed with the solid tan exterior walls. There was gold highlighting the trim and windows. The sign was gold three dimensional letters over the top of the golden roofed entrance.

“There it is. The bludhaven.” Lincoln says.

“Really?” Griffin muses. He sees the name “Hotel Lanark.”

“Run by the Stave Cartel.”

“Wait? Stave Cartel? I thought they were gun runners and drug dealers.” Griffin says.

“Amongst other things.” Lincoln says. He pulls a pistol from a holster on his shoulder. “Be warned, Griffin. Those who enter usually do not leave.”

“Great.” Griffin says gruffly as they move away from the silver coupe and towards the Hotel. They shut the doors as they move closer. Griffin draws his pistol as well. “Why are we here?”

“The Stave Cartel has had some problems of their own.” Lincoln says. He pauses a moment. “The ones running this bludhaven are really upstanding people and wish to break off from the Stave Cartel. Gina and Mike have run into some problems with the other Cartel bosses in the area. Jackson Stave is not happy with Mike and Gina. He is accosting a bit of the blutwunden.”

“Blutwunden?” Griffin asks. He raises a brow. “What would Stave want with them? I thought Stave was human.”

Lincoln chuckles. “That is what he wants everyone to believe. He is a full-on vampire like myself. The problem is he is causing the blutwunden problems in doing what most come here for. Blutwunden are no good to vampires when rattled.”

“Never knew.” Griffin says. “So why are they rattled?”

“Some of the blutwunden have gone missing.”

“Let’s go, then.” Griffin sighs. “I get the feeling this is not going to be fun.”


Lincoln and Griffin enter Hotel Lanark. At the front desk there is a young woman in tears. An older woman and older man are consoling her. The man squats down to be eye level with the young woman. He is rubbing her back.

“Nancy, everything will be alright.” The man says.

The woman sees Lincoln and Griffin. She lets out a sigh of relief. She rushes over to Lincoln. “Good. You brought him.”

“I told you that I would.” Lincoln puts a hand on her shoulder. “We will do what we can to help, Gina.”

“Good. The girls are spooked. We have lost a lot of business to other bluthavens recently.” Gina is shaking. “I am afraid that Mr. Stave is going to take it out on Mike and I.”

“We will not let that happen, ma’am.” Griffin says. He pulls the slide back on his .45 to load the first vampire killer bullet into the chamber. “I promise you this.”

“Good to know, Mr. Kane.” Gina says. “Come with me. There are some people you need to talk to.”

Griffin looks back over at Lincoln. Then, he turns his attention back over to Gina. Gina is a middle-aged woman, she is two heads shorter than Griffin. His scraggly silver locks fall down her back. She is wearing a long silken pink blouse over white stretch pants.

Gina stops and turned around. “Mr. Kane, follow me please.”

“Lead the way.”

The Adventure of Griffin Kane-Part Two

Griffin walks through the hallways of the Templar Headquarters. There is a scowl on his face. He was reprimanded for another time by the High Templar, Hawthorne Mills. He shakes his head.

He removes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He takes one out and puts it in his mouth. He walks towards the back door and heads out. When outside, he lights up and takes a puff. There is something that sets off his senses.

Griffin spins around. He takes another deep puff and tosses the cigarette away. He continues to stay vigilant. He removes his pistol from its holster on his hip. He holds it at his side as he scours the dark recesses of the alley out back of the Templar Headquarters.

“Griffin Kane…” A voice from the shadows says. A man, in a sharply dressed light gray suit, emerges from the shadows. He is straightening his cufflinks. “… put the pistol away. You cannot hurt me with it.”

“You so sure of that, Lincoln.” Griffin raises an eye brow. “You never know what bullets it could hold.”

“Please, Griffin, I am not hear to cause any problems for you.” Lincoln says. “Put the gun away.”

“Give me one good reason to do so.”

“Olivia Ericksson.”

The gun slips from Griffin’s hand and hits the ground. Griffin lunges at Lincoln. He grabs the porcelain skinned man and slams him into the nearest wall. The brick wall spider webs.

“Where is she?” Griffin grits his teeth.

Lincoln breaks the grip of Griffin and drops to the ground. He straightens his jacket. “I do not know, Griffin. That is why I have come to you. I need your help.”

“Why not ask the Templars?”

Lincoln chuckles. “Really? “He shakes his head. “You know that they would rather just kill me than ever bother helping me. That will do Olivia no good at all.”

“Okay. Okay.” Griffin says. “You have my help. It is a miracle that the Templars even tolerate me.”

“True. We need to get going, Griffin.”

“Where are we going?”

“The Vertha District Bludhaven.”

Griffin bites his lip and rolls his eyes. He sighs. “Great.”

Southern Hospitality: Chapter 8

Wolfman vs. Wolfman


Brandon is hopping mad at what Chris did to his sister and Elise. He holsters his pistol. Brandon watches as the sun reaches its highest point. He shakes his head. How could that fucker do that? I know legally he is still Destiny’s husband. But forcing himself on them? What an asshole. Brandon rings his hands as he sits down on the stairs. A white tabby-like creature on its back legs walks out limping. He looks over to see Rose. He is still fuming. “You okay?”

“I will be, Brandon.” Rose says to him. She sits down next to him. “I heal fast, thankfully. We have to take him out. I know he had his way with them. It was out of fear. I heard them plead for him not to do it. He hit them too. I think he smashed Destiny’s left knee.”

“That fucker! I’ll kill him!” Brandon says contemplating his next move. “What do you suppose we should do?”

“Well, I know a few things. This was an aggressive move by a lycan. That falls not only under the jurisdiction of Metapol but the lycan’s Alpha as well.” Rose reminds him.

“I’m Metapol and I couldn’t do anything.” Brandon says with disappointment in his voice. “I was nearly killed when he came to my place. I couldn’t shoot him. I couldn’t do it.”

“Then, we call the Alpha.” Rose says. She shakes her head. “And since this is Elise we’re talking about as well as Destiny. I’d say once the fight starts, get the girls and me outta here. Because blood and fur is going to fly.”

“Are you suggesting that Michel is still protective of Elise?” Brandon pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up. Rose looks up at Brandon. “There is no suggesting anything. I am telling you outright. Even though they are no longer together, he is still highly protective of her. He and Chris had bad blood before. This is going to send Michel over the edge.”

“Oh, boy.” Brandon sees a motorcycle pull up to the outer edges of the apartment complex. He points over to it. “Um, does Michel own an Indian motorcycle?”

“Why…oh no! He sees the busted door!” Rose says.

Brandon stands up and walks down the stairs to the parking lot. He winces. The biker on the other side of the fence leaps it. Barbs and all. He starts making his way towards Brandon. Brandon stops him.

“What happened?” The biker growls.

“Michel, we need to take this slowly.” Brandon tells him. “This is not going to help the girls at all.”

“Girls?” Michel raises a brow.

Brandon rolls his arm in effort to stretch it out. Michel notices. Brandon winces in pain. “Ungh.”

“What happened to your arm?”

“Got pushed around by a raging werewolf.” Brandon retorts. “As a matter of fact, you may know him.”


“Yep. He’s here too.” Brandon can sense the fury beginning to rise within Michel. He puts a hand in Michel’s chest. “You will get your chance. The girls are in the same room with him. Their only chance to get to safety is Rose.”

Both Brandon and Michel walk over to the steps. Rose stands up. “I heard what you said. What do you need me to do?”

“I need you to go into the back bedroom and get the girls to safety.” Brandon tells her.

“Where are they?”

“On the far side of the bed from the door.”

“Great. This is not going to be easy.”

“We’ll be right behind you.”

“Oh, Brandon.” Rose softly says. “Destiny’s back pack is in the guest room first door on the left.

Brandon’s eyes perk up. Michel looks cross at him. “What do you have in mind?”

“Destiny always carries a pair of custom pistols. One for Vampires…”

“…and one for Lycans?” Michel finishes. He gulps. “Grab them. Load them. We have to get those girls to safety.”

“Pray they are not impregnated.”

“What?” This causes a burning rage in Michel. He rushes up the stairs after Rose goes up. Brandon rushes up after Michel.


Rose stops by the far side of the bed as Michel enters. Rose taps Elise on the nose. Elise twitches her nose. “Not now, Rose.”

“Elise, you need to get you and Destiny out of here.”

“Why?” A drowsy Elise says. She winces.

Then, she hears an all too familiar roar. “Christopher Carpenter!”

Christopher opens his eyes as he is lifted from the bed.

“Crap!” Elise leans over and taps Destiny. “Des, roll with me.”

“Huh?” Destiny winces. “What?”

“DES! Now!” Destiny opens her eyes and grabs Elise as they roll off the bed onto the floor of the bedroom. Over their head, Chris is sent out of the bedroom, through the window onto the ground outside the apartment.

Destiny shudders. Both wince in pain as they hit the floor. “That was close.” She looks and sees Rose. “Thanks Rose.”

Elise looks up at the window. She begins to pout. “Not again.”

Then, they see another werewolf dive out the window over their heads. Elise believes she recognizes him. She raises a brow. “Huh? Michel?”

Rose nods her head. “He’s still really protective of you.” “

I know. I’ll have to thank him later.”

They look out the window to see Michel slashing at a sluggish Chris.

Chris regains his senses. He is still naked. Chris backs away. He huffs and puffs. His face begins to contort as he grows in size.

“I told you not to fuck with me, LeBouf!” Chris roars at Michel.

Michel, then, transforms into a werewolf humanoid just like Chris. “Heh. Heh. Heh. Though, you were bigger than me. I am craftier than you.”

Destiny looks at Elise. “Do you have something I can quickly throw on?” She is huffing and puffing in anger.

“There’s some tights in the dresser and some loose-fitting shirts in there too.”

Destiny leans over to Elise and kisses her on the cheek. “Thanks, babe.” She crawls over to the dresser. Destiny makes sure that she scours the room for any dangerous objects. Then, she sees a familiar object in a corner. It is crumpled and broken. “Fuck!”

“What’s wrong?” Elise says as she hears roaring from outside.

“My brace is broken.” Destiny grabs black tights and a loose tee that is long. She, quickly, shimmies into the tights. She screams in pain. “FUCK!” Then, she slips on the shirt.

Brandon rushes in. “You okay?” He sees that both their faces are bloodied. Elise is on the ground naked with shards of glass upon her back

“We’ll be fine, Brandon.” Destiny says with determination in her voice. “I need your help.”

“What can I do?”

“Help me to the stairs. My brace is trashed.”

“All right.” He says placing one arm over his shoulder. Destiny winces. She barely manages to walk even with her brother’s help.

Destiny turns her head. “Be right back, babe. I’m going to make sure this fight is ended.”

Elise looks at Destiny with a smile. She covers herself with a sheet and, then, spits blood out of her mouth. “Go get him, babe. Make that asshole pay. Kill him if you have to.”

Southern Hospitality 7: Attack of the Wolfman


Destiny and Elise back away from Chris. He turns his head as Rose enters the room. Chris chuckles. Elise tries to recall a spell as she shakes with her wand in hand. Destiny tries to move but the suit seems to hamper her movement. Chris moves closer to Elise and Destiny.

"Get the fuck out, Chris!" Shouts Destiny. "We're through! We've been through for years!"

He laughs. “You’re still my wife! Don’t forget that” The laugh is hearty and heavy. Chris continues to move forward. Elise starts to move her hands. Chris zooms over and grabs her hands. Elise begins to struggle. She drops her wand onto the floor.

Destiny backs away towards the guest room. “You fucker. When you tried to kill me that killed our marriage and our relationship. If I had found you earlier, I would have killed you myself. I don’t love you. You fucked up.”

Rose moves in front of Destiny. She turns to Destiny. "Run!" Destiny turns and heads to the guest room.

Chris kicks Rose. Rose flies across the room and hits the far wall. she hits the ground unconscious. With Elise, in hand, he turns his attention on Destiny. Before she can reach her bag, Chris grabs her injured leg and pulls. Destiny hits the ground hard. "Fuck you, Chris! You’re an asshole."

Destiny kicks his arm. Chris catches her free leg. Destiny’s anger begins to rise. Her body begins to shake. Chris slams her into the wall. Destiny becomes woozy.

Chris, then, lifts her off the ground. He huffs and puffs. Chris throws Destiny and Elise over his shoulders. He, then, takes them towards the back bedroom. Destiny and Elise look at one another and gulp.

Elise screams. "You do this and you're dead, Chris! Michel will rip you apart! I am under the protection of Lycan Law! This domain is covered by the Nor Westers!"

Chris chuckles. "Do you think I give a fuck about Lycan Law. I am now going to tear your insides apart. Both of you. This is going to be fun. My legacy will live on… IN YOU!" He maniacally laughs.

He walks towards the back-bedroom. A huge smile is on his face.

Destiny quivers. "Please, Chris. Don't do this. This is not you." Destiny is shaking with fear.

Chris throws them down on the bed. "You know nothing about me Destiny! I am completely different than you remember." He roars.

“Obviously.” Destiny says.

He jumps up onto the bed. Using his razor-sharp claws, he shreds the clothes both Destiny and Elise are wearing. This frees Destiny's left leg. She kicks him. Then, he grabs her leg. Chris chuckles and slams his elbow into the knee. Destiny hears her knee shatter and cries out in pain.

He grabs shreds of clothes lying on the bed. Using the women's shredded clothes, he ties their arms upon the brass headboard. They flail back and forth trying to break free.

"Chris, don't! You'll regret this." Destiny shakes her head in fear as he removes his leather pants. He is wearing no underwear underneath.

The eyes of Destiny and Elise open wide. They look at one another. Both gulp. The rigid, thick penis that is nearly 5 inches thick and a foot-long flops out. Chris rubs his chin. He looks between them with a wry grin on his face. "Who’s first?"

He stops in front of Elise as she cringes. She kicks Chris in the balls. He reels. Then, he lunges at Elise and backhands her. Blood flies from her mouth. She glares at him with contempt. “Never do that again!”

Elise shakes as Chris uses one finger to rip her panties in half. She closes her eyes. “Please. No. Don’t do this. Michel will kill you.”

“Fuck him! I don’t care about that ass. Besides you look tasty.” He licks his lips. Then, he bends down and starts to lap Elise's vagina. She begins to shudder. Elise gulps she squirms in the bonds. He continues. Elise bites her lips. Next, Elise puts her legs around Chris's head. She squeezes as tight as she can. I’m going to strangle…Oooh!!!

He places his tongue inside her clitoris. Elise shudders releasing her grip around his head. Her legs go limp.

Destiny gulps. She knows this is coming to her next. Then, two large fingers climb into her panties. Destiny squirms. “No, Chris! Stop! Leave us the fuck alone!”

Chris, while licking Elise, sinks two fingers into Destiny's snatch. She slams her legs together smashing his fingers. He lets go for a moment. Then, he reaches up and grabs her throat. He slams her head into the headboard. Destiny’s vision goes blurry. Not again. “Ow! You fucker! When I get the chance, I will put you down like a rabid dog.”

Chris raises his head. He, then, smacks her across the face with the back of his hand. He spreads her juices across her face with his fingers. Destiny’s head jerks as she tries to avoid it. She shakes her head. Blood trickles from her lips. He roars while pointing a finger at both of them. “You two will do as I command. No questions asked. Do you understand?”

Both gulp as they back up towards the headboard. They nod very quickly. Destiny and Elise are shaking. I don’t remember him being so violent or aggressive. I need to reach out to Michelle. She continues to blink. I cannot concentrate enough to do it. Uh…

Chris licks his lips. He looks at the two naked bodies of Destiny and Elise barely covered by the remains of their clothes. They are shaking. Goosebumps raise upon their skin. They gulp again.

"You two are not going to go anywhere if your arms are released, are you?" He asks.

Both Destiny and Elise shake their heads no. A smile comes over Chris's face. He leans over the two and releases their hands. Both Destiny and Elise remove the remainders of their clothes and toss them on to the ground. They look at one another.

Destiny holds Elise as she shudders. Chris separates them. He turns to Destiny. “Your turn will come soon enough, darling.”

Chris places himself between Elise's legs. Elise looks wide eyed. She pleads with Chris. “Please, no. This will not go well for you.”

Chris has a wry grin on his face. “Shut up and take what I give you.” He laughs. Then, he thrusts inside of Elise. Her eyes close. A tear rolls down her cheek. She gasps opening her eyes. The pain is immense. She grits her teeth.

Destiny backs away for a bit. She looks at Elise. Elise grabs the poles on her headboard. Chris continues to thrust in and out of Elise. The inside of Elise’s thighs starts to become red. Chris slams into her harder and harder each time. Elise's mouth is wide open as are her eyes. She begins to scream through tears. “Stop! Please, stop! The pain!”

Chris back hands her across the face. He growls. “I told you to shut up and take it, bitch!”

Destiny gulps. Chris motions for her to sit atop Elise’s face. She gets up on top of Elise by her face. Destiny gulps. Elise, then, begins to lick Destiny's vagina. She, then, puts her tongue inside of Destiny's clitoris and moves it in and out. Destiny begins to moan. Elise moans as well. Chris' penis is covered in cum. He laughs.

Destiny moves. Then, he looks at the women. He pulls out of Elise. "Oh. My. God!" She says. “You fucking asshole! Michel will kill you!!!”

Chris backhands her again. Elise’s head hits the headboard. “Don’t say another word.” She falls against the bed. Blood trickles from scratches upon her face

"Switch! Elise kiss her breasts! Now!” Destiny takes the place of Elise. Elise bends down and starts to kiss upon Destiny's pert breasts. Destiny begins moaning.

Chris spreads open Destiny's legs. He settles between her legs. She shudders. Destiny whimpers. "Don’t hurt me."

"Oh, I won’t." Chris snarks. Destiny gulps. Then, he thrusts into her.

Destiny's eyes begin to bulge. "Fuck! No! Don’t! No! You fucking asshole!”

Chris huffs and puffs. “Sit back and enjoy, babe”

Destiny shudders. Chris slams into her harder and harder. Her head bangs into the headboard. She begins to cry as the pain rips through her. "Chris, no. Stop!” Destiny continues to sob. “Oh MY GOD!!! You fucking asshole."

The thrusting begins to be more rapid. Chris begins to laugh as he slams as hard as possible into her. Destiny squirts down his hard, stiff dick. She continues as the thrusting continues. Then, Chris pulls out.

Destiny looks at him with disdain. "Why did you do that?"

"It time for you girls to be on top." Chris says.

“Fuck you!” They both say. Chris back hands the two of them. Blood flies from their lips.

“Now move!!! Elise, be a darling…” Elise rubs her chin and wipes the blood from her mouth. She glares at Chris with a mixture of contempt and trepidation.

Destiny moves and he lays down. She rubs her chin as Elise climbs on top. She eases his cock into her pussy. Elise can barely get her hand around it. Then, she slides down upon it. Elise only goes half way down. Chris puts his hands on her legs and thrusts upwards into her. His cock disappears into her. Elise's eyes widen even more. He lays back down. He commands her. "Now go on. Take me all the way in you, bitch!"

Elise gulps. He motions for Destiny to sit on his face. Destiny hedges. “NOW, BITCH!”

Destiny, unwilling, does as commanded. He grabs her legs to keep her in place. Chris uses his tongue to go in and out of Destiny's snatch. Elise bounces up and down on his stiff cock.

"OH MY GOD!" Elise screams as she begins to cum once again down his stiff cock.

Elise, then, feels a throbbing within her. “No, please. Don’t! Pull out!!!” Chris raises his hip upward to send his cock as deep as possible. This, also, keeps Elise atop him. A stream of cum is released by Chris into her. Elise climbs from Chris and slumps onto a pillow. “You asshole.” Chris smacks her across the face again. Chris, then, lifts Destiny off his face.

He, momentarily, turns to Elise. “I told you to take it and shut the fuck up, Elise.”

He places Destiny over his rock-hard cock. Chris thrusts into Destiny until his penis disappears all the way into her. Destiny's eyes widen all the way. Her teeth grit. He forces her to bounce up and down. The thrusting and bouncing quicken. Slapping sounds come from the contact of their bodies. Destiny cums all over his cock once again. She shudders. Chris begins to shudder as well. Destiny feels it. She tries to lift herself from Chris. She squirms. “Please, Chris. Don’t do this. This is not the way to have kids.”

Chris laughs as he lifts his hip to hold her in place. Then, there is a warmth that enters her. Destiny raises a brow. He nods and chuckles. Tears roll down her cheeks. She rolls off him and collapses next to Elise. She looks up at Chris. “You fucking bastard! IF we become pregnant you’ll never see them!”

Both are bruised and battered in more ways than one. Sweat drenches their bodies. Dried blood covers their faces. Their pussies are sticky from dripping cum. Destiny’s left knee now is black and blue. She clutches her knee and groans from the pain, as does Elise.

"Des!" A voice is heard from the front room. "Des! Are you okay?"

Chris covers everyone up in the bed as both Elise and Destiny pass out. Brandon rushes into the back bedroom. A pistol is in hand. He sees Chris sitting up and sweaty. Lying beside him are Elise and Destiny both sweaty as well. Their hair covers the bruising on their faces. Shredded clothes are strewn all over the room.

His mouth is agape. A chuckle comes from Chris. "What the hell happened here?"

"I made them MINE!" He says with a huge grin on his face.

"You mean..." Chris nods his head.

"Yes. Soon they will both carry my children, my progeny." Chris says. “You’re too late, Brandon.”

“You could’ve had children with Destiny before if you never tried to kill her.”

“You ever been controlled by a high-level psychic?”

“Well, no…” Admits Brandon.

“Then, you don’t know what the fuck I went through.” Chris spouts. “I had no choice.

Now if you’d kindly leave. I would like to relax with my wife and concubine.” A demonic grin crosses his face.

Defeated, Brandon turns and leaves the room. Chris begins to laugh. Then, he is slapped by Destiny.

“Shut up, baby. We’re trying to sleep.”

Chris puts his arms behind his head. A smile is on his face from ear to ear.

Southern Hospitality-The Wolfman Rages


There is a knocking on the door. Brandon, groggily, walks over to the door with a cup of coffee in hand. He is wearing a white T-shirt and red boxers with white polka dots all over it. His dirty blonde hair is in disarray.

He looks through the peep hole. He sees a sandy blonde biker in leather and sunglasses standing upon his porch. What the fuck does he want?

Brandon, with chain lock still intact, barely opens the door. “Come back another time, Chris. It is too damn early for you to be here.”

“Open the damn door, Brandon.” Chris tells him. “You didn’t pick up when I called you. So, I came here.”

“I didn’t want to talk to you and still don’t.” Brandon says. “Go the fuck away.”

“I will when you tell me where Destiny is.”

“How the hell would I know?” Brandon says. Oh, GOD, has she returned home? “I haven’t talked to her in months. She’s still not in a good place, Chris.”

Chris kicks the door. Brandon backs up. The chain lock breaks from the wall and the door slams open. Falling off the top hinge as it rips from the door frame.

Chris roars at Brandon. “Don’t lie to me, man! You know she’s back in town. You’re the first person who she would’ve called.”

“Really? Can you read minds now? She never called.” Brandon hears him. "Look, man. I have no idea where Destiny is. I didn't even know she was back in town. Honest, you asshole."

"Don't fuck with me, Brandon!" Chris puts his large finger in the chest of Brandon.

"You may be bigger than me, Chris, but I ain't scared of you." Brandon tells him. "I am a better, more skilled fighter than you."

"I don't care. Where is she?" Chris exclaims.

"Dude, get the fuck out of here." Brandon says. "I have neighbors. She's better off without you. You nearly killed her and the rest of us as well."

Anger takes over Chris. Brandon is tossed backwards into living room. His coffee mug flies through his sliding glass door. He lands on his couch and topples over backwards. Chris starts searching for Destiny in Brandon’s apartment. "Des! Des! Babe! Are you here?"

"Asshole! I told you she is not here." Roars Brandon as he gets back to his feet.

Brandon crawls over to his coffee table. He opens the drawer on his coffee table and pulls out a Glock-24 .45 caliber. Brandon cocks it. Then, he points it at Chris. He is huffing and puffing. "GET OUT! Don't make me shoot you!"

Chris turns and walks out. He points back at Brandon. "You better not be lying to me, Brandon! I will rip you apart if you are."

"No, you won't. I know your weakness, Chris. All lycan no matter the type of lycan have the same weakness." Brandon warns him. "So, don't come back ever again! Got it? Fuck off and leave us all alone!"

"Fine. I will find her, Brandon. You can guarantee it. Then, I will have my way with her."

Chris storms off. He heads down the stairs and leaps onto his motorcycle. Brandon steps outside to see Chris ride away with his sandy blond shoulder length locks flowing in the wind.

"Good riddance." Oh, fuck!

He turns to go back inside. Brandon winces as he realizes that Chris is a lot wilder and stronger than he remembers. "Ungh.” I better warn Destiny. She is not going to like this.

He, then, looks at his door as he dials Destiny's phone number. Brandon huffs. He shakes his head. "Come on, Des. Pick up. Pick up."

"Brandon?" He hears on the phone.

"Yeah, it's me, Des." Brandon says. He grabs his chest and winces. "We have a problem."

"What do you mean?" She says.

"Chris was just here." He gulps. Brandon hears silence on the phone. "Destiny?"

"I heard you. This is not good. Are you okay?"

"I hurt a bit." Brandon says. He winces. "But he's bigger, stronger, and wilder than I remember. He’s coming for you. Where are you staying?"

"With Elise..." Destiny hedges. Brandon notices. He raises a brow.

"Destiny? Is there something I need to know?" Brandon asks. “What’s going on?”

"I think I may be gaining another type of power." She says. "But I dare not tell Elise. This would break her heart."

"What are you talking about?" Brandon asks. "What type of power are you thinking of?"

"Persuasion using pheromones." Destiny gulps.

"What happened?"

"Um, Elise and I had a little fun last night and she couldn't remember it except through a dream." Destiny admits.

Brandon puts his face in his hand, "Destiny! Why?"

"Hey! That's none of your business. I am attracted to her and Chris is only my husband in name. He left me years ago. Fuck him! I hope I never see him."

Then, Brandon hears the cracking of a door in the background. "There you are!!!" Damn it!

"Get the fuck out of here! You are not wanted here!" The line goes dead.

"Shit!" Brandon exclaims. Then, he looks at his door. It barely hangs from the bottom hinge. The top hinge has ripped from the frame. "That fuckin' prick."

Brandon puts his door back into place carefully. He, then, gets his shoes, shirt, and pants on. He, carefully, opens the door enough for him to leave. He shuts the door behind him. Brandon locks it and rushes down the stairs to his Tahoe.

I hope Destiny is okay. If that fucker hurts her I am going to kill him. Make sure that he hurts no one else. How the hell did he find her so quick? How?
Southern Hospitality By Bryan Rainey SYRACUSE GROVE APARTMENTS...

Morning breaks through the window in Elise's bedroom. The light shines through the blinds onto her face. Elise tries to pull the pillow over her face. She throws it off. "Ugh."

Elise smacks her lips. She rolls over. Her arm lands on another person. Elise raises her head and a brow. She sees a pink haired woman lying next to her.

"I thought last night was a dream." She mutters. Her head begins to throb. She blinks her eyes to gauge the pain. She feels sweaty. “What happened?”

The woman next to her is snoring. Elise, then, raises the covers. She sees that they are both naked. Elise sighs. I don't remember much of last night. Did we have too much to drink? What the hell happened last night?

The pounding in her head grows. Elise throws her feet over the edge of the bed. She looks around the room as she rises. A wave of dizziness hits her. She begins to steady herself. She shakes her herself to remove the fogginess in her head. Elise notices that her long tee and underwear are in opposite parts of the room. She scratches her head. Elise sighs again. "Great."

She bends down and grabs her shirt, which is closest to her. It is on the floor just beside the edge of the bed on her side. She sits back down as she puts on the long tee. Once Elise places on the long tee, she rises from the bed and goes across the room.

Her underwear is hanging from the door knob to her closet door. "How did it get here?" She begins to mutter. "I don't want to know." Elise removes her underwear from the door knob. She, then, slips on the light blue panties. She hears smacking of lips from her bed.

"Mmm. Last night was fun." Elise hears. She, turns to see Destiny propping her head up. Destiny has a big grin on her face.

"Des, I don't remember much of last night." Elise tells her.

Destiny raises a brow. "You sure?"

"Positive." Elise says. "I did dream that I was in the throw of ecstasy and passion with another woman. We even had sex. Strange way of having sex, but it happened nonetheless."

"Ecstasy, huh?" Destiny nods her head. "That about sums it up. By the way, it was no dream. It really happened."

“So why can’t I remember?”

“I don’t know, Elise. This really is disturbing. I hope it’s not something that I did.” Destiny responds. “I would feel guilty. I want what happened between us to be of your own free will.”

"So, what now?" Elise blushes. She does not know if she can trust her feelings. Did it really happen as Destiny says? I feel different. My heart aches for her, but why?

"You know, you're cute when you blush." Destiny sprouts a wry smile on her face. She winces as her right knee throbs. She grabs her knee as a sharp pain strikes her knee. “Arrrr.”

“You okay?” Elise has a look of concern on her face. Destiny continues to grimace in pain. "Something I can do to help?"

"Yes. Could you be a darling and retrieve my brace from the guest room?" Destiny asks. "I have this problem with my right leg stiffening at night. Usually, can't move until it's on in the morning."

"What about your clothes from last night?"

"I'll manage to crawl over to them."

"Okay. I'll be right back with your brace."

"Thanks." Destiny watches as Elise walks out of the room. She sees the swaying of Elise’s hip and sighs with a smile on her face. "Yummy." She chuckles. Destiny, then, throws the covers off. She makes her way across the bed to Elise's side. On the floor, Destiny spots her pink crop top and pink panties. She sighs.

Then, she leans over to reach them.

This throws Destiny's balance off. “Whoa, oh, oh.” She topples onto the floor hitting her head. "Ow!"

Elise rushes back into the bedroom. Destiny's brace is in hand. "You okay?"

Destiny looks up at Elise. Elise can clearly see Destiny's vagina, in between Destiny's legs, as well as the groomed bush above it. She blushes. Elise looks away shyly. "It's okay. You took care of me very well down there last night." Destiny hears her stomach rumble. "I think I need to get dressed. Not sure I can handle that right now. I could use some food."

"That's okay." Elise says. "I'm not really ready to do anything like that right now. I need to get going anyways. I still have some artifacts to identify at work."

"Do you mind if I come with you?"

"Seriously?" Elise raises a brow. “You sure. It’s kind of boring at times.”

"Of course." Destiny says slipping on her panties. Elise hands her the brace. Destiny hooks it around her right knee and shin. Then, she slips on the crop top.

“I want to see what you do.”

"Well, then, you will need to dress better than the biker outfit." Elise says. She heads over to her closet. "I have to get dressed as well."

"Yeah.” Destiny rubs the back of her neck as she looks up at Elise. “I don't have anything else with me."

"Don't worry." Elise says. "You look about the same size as I am. You can borrow some clothes of mine."

"You sure?" Destiny says as she sits back down on the bed. She rubs the top of her head where the pain throbs.

"Yeah. Not a problem." Elise goes into her closet. She digs out a dark blue suit with skirt and some matching pumps. She hands them to Destiny. Then, she pulls out a white shirt to go with it.

"A suit?" Destiny raises a brow as she looks up at Elise.

Elise raises a brow. "If you're coming with me, yes. I will be wearing a suit as well."


All right." Destiny says. "I'll do it for you. Suits are not normally my thing."

"Okay. But you'll need to wear a bra, too."

"A what?"

"You heard me."

"Making sure I heard you right, Elise. You know I don’t like them." Destiny says. She gulps. Then, Destiny looks at her chest before putting her hands underneath her breasts and pushing them up. Elise looks cross at Destiny. "Oh, all right. I don't own one, though. I like to keep them free."

Elise rolls her eyes. "Great. I’m going to have to teach you a little decency."

“Good luck on that.” Destiny sarcastically says. “I’m not the easiest person to deal with.”

“I used to be with a lycan, dahrling.” Elise raises and lowers her brows a couple of time. “I think I can deal with you.” A wry grin is on her face.

“You can certainly try.” Destiny raises a brow. Both giggle as they get ready for the day.
Southern Hospitality-Ch.4 Psychic Warriors


Mystid returns from the docks. He rubs his chin. Mystid sighs. Marcos removes the Mystid mask. His face is sweat drenched. He walks down the hall carrying his mask and bolero hat in hand. The hallway is dimly lit.

His trench coat flows behind him. Marcos is still trying to come to grips with the tension building in the paranormal community. He gulps as he nears the bright light.

Marcos shades his eyes as he enters the main room. Several of his peers are relaxing. A young woman, with curly auburn locks, rushes toward him. "Papa!"

"Kayla, darling." Marcos says as he kisses her on the cheek. She hugs him. Kayla, then, notices his demeanor. He is full of tension.

"What's wrong, Papa?" Kayla says backing up.

"Tensions are beginning to mount. A new player has come to town." Marcos relays. “Nothing good can come of it.”

"Two, actually." A voice from the shadows says. He turns on the light by his desk. The light highlights the man’s grizzled features. His brown hair is graying. A twelve-year-old curly brunette in a woman’s suit with skirt stands beside him.

"Walter." Marcos crosses his arms. "What are you talking about? I spotted your son, no one else."

"I have a wider range than you do, Juarez." He tells Marcos. "Destiny has returned as well."

"How do you know?" A large, burly man asks. His feet are propped up on a table. He swigs back a beer. The large man has a shaven head, save for a blonde mohawk, and is wearing a black tank top with olive green cargo pants and combat boots.

"Ah, Titan, that's an easy answer." Walter says with a smile.

"She called me." Michelle blurts out demonstratively. She steps out from behind her father. "We had a few things to hash out about the past."

"Does Brandon know?" Marcos asks.

"Couldn't say." Walter says. "But according to Michelle the Phoenix has returned a much different person from who she was when she left."

"Is that good or bad?" Kayla asks.

"We don't know, Kayla." Walter tells her. "What we do know is where she is staying?"

"Okay. With whom is she staying?" Titan asks. He runs a hand through his red mohawk. He sighs.

"She is staying with Elise Matthews for now." Walter tells them. "We have operatives keeping an eye on her."

“Don’t forget that Elise Matthews is protected by the NorWesters’ Alpha, Michel LeBouf.” Marcos reminds Walter.

“Oh, I have not forgotten. Our operatives have noticed a rise in wolf activity in the area.” He clicks on his computer. A recent picture of Destiny shows up on the screen through the projector.

"Well, that is different than I remember." Kayla says. "Short pink hair. I hope her mind is still whole. Repairing it was tricky."

"Why has she returned?" Marcos crosses his arms. “What is she intending to find here?”

"Marcos, those are very good questions." Walter says. “I hope that does not mean the death of any one I know. Lord knows there is enough tension already.”

Southern Hospitality 03

Roomies, For Now

Bryan Rainey


Elise unlocks the door to her apartment. She sighs. Exhaustion begins to set in. The air in the apartment is stale. She flips on the lights. The light switch is right by the door. Elise hears yawning coming from her leather couch. She sees two furry arms.

"Elise?" she hears.

Elise sees Rose’s bowl. She rolls her eyes. Shit.

"Yes, Rose?" Elise says with a grimace on her face. Rose sticks her head over the edge of the couch. She looks like a solid white tabby with a pink bow around her neck.

"You didn't leave me any food today." Rose pouts.

"Sorry about that." Elise says. "I wasn't myself today."

“You think.” Rose says sarcastically. Then, Rose sees a pink haired young woman follow Elise inside. Rose cocks her head and, then, a smile crosses her face. Rose's golden eyes widen. She jumps off the couch and rushes over to Elise's friend. "Destiny!"

Destiny bends down to Rose's level. "Rose! You're still here!"

"For now." She turns her head and glares at Elise.

"Oh, get over it, Rose." Elise exclaims as she throws her hands up into the air. "I said I was sorry."

Elise walks over to the pantry. She grabs a can of soft cat food that is tuna flavored. Elise opens the pop top. The stench hits her nose. "Ugh."

Rose turns. She breathes in the scent. "Yum."

She races on all fours over to the kitchen. Elise puts the plate of food down. Rose looks up at Elise. "About time."

Elise rolls her eyes. She takes off her jacket and hangs it up on the hooks in the dining room near the door. Destiny places her helmet on the table and she takes her jacket off. Destiny places it on the back of a chair. The jacket leaves Destiny’s pink crop top underneath sticking to her skin showing some of her skin and nipples through the heavily sweat drenched areas. Her cross hangs over her crop top. The cross glistens from the sweat upon it.

Elise sees Destiny’s shirt and what is showing as Destiny picks up her backpack. “Really? Do you have any decency?”

“What?” Destiny raises a brow.

“Des, I can see some of your breasts.”

“So.” Destiny says. “I don’t like the constriction of bras. Never have. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Look, I can understand your dislike of bras. But protect them.” Elise says. “They are precious commodities.”

Destiny chuckles. “Elise, I appreciate the concern. But I will deal with this in my own way. Okay?”

“Fine.” Elise says. She turns away in frustration. A bit of embarrassment comes over her. She walks back into the kitchen as she hears her microwave beep. She, then, fills the two mugs she removes from the microwave with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. Then, she goes into her pantry and removes the mini marshmallows. She places some into the top of each mug. She walks out of the kitchen as Destiny walks over to the couch carrying her backpack. She sits down. Elise follows her over to the couch carrying the two mugs.

"Here." Elise holds out her hand with one of the brown mugs. Destiny looks up at Elise. Her pink hair is sweat drenched. “Look, I’m sorry for trying to force you into something that is not you. But I care for you.”

"Thanks, Elise. It’s okay. I know you are just looking out for me. I love you like a sister." Destiny takes the mug from Elise. She, then, looks inside the mug and spots the marshmallows. "Ooh, marshmallows!"

Elise sits down next to Destiny. She tries not to look at Destiny’s crop top, but has trouble helping herself. Destiny sips from her mug. Elise looks over at Destiny's bag. She nods her head. "So, what's in the bag."

"Gear. Clothes. Necessities. What’s it to you?" Destiny curtly replies. She sips her hot chocolate. She closes her eyes realizing how she just talked to Elise. Then, she reopens her eyes. "Sorry. Didn't mean to be so curt."

Elise chuckles. "Don’t worry about tit… um, it.” Destiny raises a brow. “Rose does that all of the time. It's okay. Um, I didn't notice any shirts or pants in your backpack. You don't wear that jacket and those pants all the time?"

Destiny giggles. "No, silly. I have a storage room nearby where I keep my things." She, then, sips her hot chocolate.

"Well that makes sense." Elise says as she leans back. Then, she sees some of the tattoos upon Destiny's skin showing from underneath the pink crop top. She raises a brow. "Tats?"

"So?" Destiny raises her own brow. “Something wrong with having tats.”

"Well, no. What are they for?" Elise says. "I don't recognize them."

"Sorry. I'm sure you wouldn't recognize them." Destiny says. "They are angelic symbols tattooed upon me. I use them to keep me on the straight and narrow."

"Straight and narrow?" Elise asks. "What do you mean?"

"I haven't always had these tats, Elise." Destiny admits. She plays with the cross around her neck. Destiny raises it to her lips and kisses it. "I fell after my mind was ravaged by Michelle. It was a dark time. I nearly killed Michelle. Even afterwards I was killing vampires and lycans just for the hell of it to release my anger."

"You do know that she was possessed." Elise reminds her.

"I am well aware, Elise." Destiny puts her head in her hands. "That still doesn't help what happened. I have talked to her recently. We have put the past behind us. Still I feel a darkness in me that is just waiting to take ahold of me. The tats are a reminder of where I should be, to remind me not to let my anger get the best of me again."

"That's good that you and Michelle have patched things up. But I think that you can fight this darkness within. I will help you the best I can."

“Thanks. I can use all the support I can get.”

Elise sniffs. A stench of ammonia wafts in the air. She opens her eyes wide. I thought that the tuna smelt bad. Oh my word. "Ugh."

"I know. I need to shower." Destiny says. “Not a whole lot of places to do that on the road. When I get off the road I am usually a little ripe.”

“I noticed.”

“By the way where is the shower.”

"Down the hall. First door on the right." Elise directs her. Destiny takes her boots off and, then, her socks. She places the socks within the boots. "The guest room is across the hall from the bathroom."

"Thank you, Elise." Destiny says walking down the hall. In one hand, she carries her backpack, and her boots in the other. She goes inside the room on her left.

Destiny places her boots on the floor by the door. She sets her bag upon the bed pulling out a dry, clean pink crop top and pink underwear trimmed with dark pink lace. Then, she tosses them onto the bed. Next, Destiny pulls out her toiletry kit.

After everything she needs is placed upon the bed, Destiny shimmies out of her leather pants. She drops them on the floor. The sweat on her legs glisten.

She, then, takes a brace off of her right knee and leg. Destiny winces. she slams her fist into the pillow. The scar on the back of her right calf throbbing. The sweat, then, falls onto the scar causing it to burn.

"Fuck! Not now." She mutters. Destiny shakes her head. Again, she winces. Then, Destiny takes a deep breath. She exhales as she rises to her feet.

Destiny grabs her toiletry kit, underwear, and crop top. She limps over to the doorway. Destiny stops in the doorway. She closes her eyes wincing in pain. The scar continues to throb and emanate heat.

"That fuckin' demon." She mutters.

Elise, still sitting on the couch, sees Destiny in the doorway of the guest room. She sees her friend wincing. "You okay, Des?"

"I'll be okay. I have a scar throbbing badly." Destiny admits.

Elise rises. "A scar? From what?" She makes her way towards Destiny.

Destiny limps, nearly dragging her right leg, across the hall. She turns her head after opening the door to the bathroom. "A demon slashed my leg last year. When I sweat profusely, the scar burns."

Elise continues near Destiny. "A demon? You need to be more specific."

"I know." Destiny says limping into the bathroom. Elise follows her. She stops in the doorway. "It was a G'Noth demon."

"G'Noth demon? Those the ones with razor sharp acid tipped claws." Elise says. "I'm not very familiar with them."

"No those are S’Bath demons. G’Noth demons have acid tipped spikes on the tails. About the size of a German Sheppard." Destiny winces while leaning upon the counter. "I was cornered by three. That spike shredded my skin. Left some acid which couldn't be removed."

"Ooh. Sorry."

"Haven't been able to walk right without a brace on the leg. Can't shower or bathe with it, though."

"Do you need help with the tub?"

"Nah." Destiny says. "I got this. But thanks." Destiny takes her cross off and sets it on the bathroom counter next to her clothes and toiletry kit.

"All right." Elise says. "I'm going to get ready for bed. If you need help, let me know."

"I will." Destiny limps her way over to the toilet by the tub. She leans and puts the stopper in. Then, she starts the water. Destiny sighs.

Sitting on the lid of the toilet, Destiny pulls her toiletry kit closer. She unzips a compartment. Destiny pulls out three small bottles. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are removed.

She shakes her head. Then, Destiny peels her pink crop top off her skin. Her breasts spring free. She tosses it onto the floor. Slomp!

Then, Destiny struggles to peel her underwear off. They are sweat drenched. As she peels it off, hairs begin to stick. Oh, shit. This is gonna hurt.

"Ah...AH...AHHHH!!! Fuck!!!" Destiny, then, tosses them on top of her crop top. She, then, leans over and turns off the water. With shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in hand, Destiny eases herself into the warm water. "Ahhhh..."

Elise rushes into the bathroom. "You okay? I heard you scream."

"Pulled some tender hairs." Destiny says from the tub.

"Ow. Ow. OW." Elise says as she cringes in sympathy.

"Yeah." Destiny nods her head. She lifts her right leg and gently washes it. Destiny feels the pain ease. She leans her head back. "Ah."

Elise stares at Destiny. She bites her lip as she sees Destiny’s breasts covered partially by water. A thought crosses her mind. Elise shudders. This is one of my best friends. She’s like a sister to me. I cannot be thinking like that. No. It’s not right. Destiny looks over at Elise with a raised brow. "What?"

Elise shakes her head. Destiny sits up straight. Water glisten off her pert breasts. Elise's eyes nearly pop out of her head as she thinks about caressing them. She gulps. She continues to shake her head. No. No. No. Can’t… but I want to… NO! This is Destiny. I cannot go there.

"Elise what are you thinking?" Destiny asks seeing her friend in deep thought. Trepidation grips Elise. Destiny raises a brow.

"I... no... I can't." Elise closes her eyes. She shakes her head. "You're a good friend. I can't. No. It’s not right."

"Can't do what, Elise?" Destiny props up her head with her elbows on the side of the tub. She looks at Elise, who is wearing a long Storm City Thunder tee. She notices Elise’s nipples are outlines by the tee. A wry grin is on her face. "Hmm. Tell me."

"Well... I... um..." Elise blushes. “No, Des. No.” "You're married." Elise reminds her. One brow is raised.

"So what?" Destiny says as she raises her body for Elise to get a better view. "I haven't seen him in years. I don't feel married. Come here. Join me. Take off your tee and panties and join me. Come."

"Destiny..." Elise turns away from Destiny. "I don't think this is right." She gulps.

"Nervous? Don't be. I won't bite...unless you want me to." Destiny has a devilish grin on her face.

"But you're Nephilim... I'm..." Elise hedges.

"...a witch, a sorceress? So, what?! I don't give a damn." Destiny says. A smile is wrought in her face. “Come on in.”

“I can’t.” Elise says sullenly. She, then, rushes out of the bathroom. Destiny's eyes widen. She gets out and dries off. Sitting back down, Destiny leans over and pulls the stopper. Then, Destiny gets dressed. She sighs.

Destiny makes her way down the hall to the back bedroom. She uses the wall for support. Destiny sees the door is closed. From within, she hears sobbing.

Destiny opens the door. Elise looks up. Then, she puts her head in her hands. Destiny limps over to Elise's bed. “Go. Go away, Des! I want to be alone.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on. I won’t let you sit here and cry without trying to comfort you. Without making you feel better.” She sits down next to Elise. Elise turns away from Destiny. Destiny puts a hand upon Elise's shoulder.

"Please, Des." Elise shudders at the touch of her friend. She takes a deep breath. Then, she exhales. "Let me be."

Destiny moves down to the floor where Elise can see her. Tears run down Elise's cheeks. Destiny holds Elise's arms. She looks up at her friend. "Elise it's okay."

"How?" Screams Elise. Tears continue to flow. "I don't understand what I am feeling. I am feeling things I shouldn’t for you. You are one of my best friends! I love you like a sister. Sister’s don’t feel like I feel for one another"

Destiny giggles. "Look. I feel the same about you, if that helps any."

"Maybe, a little." Elise says looking up at Destiny. She notices Destiny has risen. Elise stands up as well. She sighs. Elise looks down. "This is new to me, Des."

"As well as for me." Destiny uses one hand to raise Elise's face with her chin. “Like I said. I won’t bite unless you ask me to.” She raises up and lowers both brows a couple of times. “I will be as gentle or rough as you want from me. I won’t do anything that you won’t agree to. Okay?”

“Des…” Elise, with puffy eyes, looks at Destiny. There is a twinkle in Destiny's eyes. Elise begins to quiver. Destiny puts her left index finger over Elise's lips.

"Shhh." Elise gulps. Destiny places her hands on the sides of Elise's face. Elise begins shaking. "Elise, it'll be fine."

"I hope you're right."

"Trust me." Destiny, then, leans in and kisses Elise on the lips. Elise stops shaking as her lips part. She throws her arms around Destiny's neck. Their tongues begin to intertwine.

Then, Destiny's right leg gives out. “Uh, oh.” They fall onto the bed with Destiny on top. The two women bounce. They, momentarily, giggle before returning to their make out session. A smile crosses both of their faces.

Southern Hospitality:



Along the docks of Storm City, a Harley-Davidson rolls in. A man emerges from the shadows as he sees the sandy blond biker. A look of disdain is on his face. He is walking towards the incoming motorcycle.

The sandy blond biker stops the bike. He kicks out the kickstand. The dark-haired man puts his hiking boot upon the bike's front tire. He is growling. "I told you never to return here, Carpenter."

"Ah, Michel." The biker says as he removes his shades. A sly grin is on his face. "Long time, no see. Not that I hoped to ever see you again. You’re a fucking putz, LeBouf."

"Then, why come back, Chris?" Michel points at the biker. “You know that you are not wanted in town. You have a lot of people still on edge from the last time you were in town. Leave while you still can.”

"I have a sense that Destiny is back in town." Chris replies. A look of determination and anger begins to cross his face. “I am not leaving without her. I want to know where she is. I will find her.”

"What would I know about it?" Michel raises a brow. “I didn’t even know she was back in town. She does not have to report to me. Besides I think you going after Destiny is a bad idea.”

“Maybe she met up with a friend.” Chris mutters rubs his chin.

“Do I look like I am her keeper, Carpenter.” Michel spouts. “I am not the one married to her.”

“I am not so sure that is the case anymore after what happened a couple of years ago.” Chris surmises. “I think I may have hampered that.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” Michel says. “You are fucking lucky that I got in the way.”

“I know…” Chris begins to shift his head back and forth. He feels a familiar twang in the back of his brain. Chris looks back at Michel. "Can we take this elsewhere?"

"Why?" Michel raises a brow. "What's got you so jumpy?"

"A psychic is nearby." Chris admits. "I felt a familiar tap in the back of my brain."

"Hmm." Michel rubs his chin. "Interesting."

A person, hidden in the shadows and looking down upon them, curses. The person shifts. Michel and Chris look up scanning the taller buildings nearby. The psychic stops and keeps still. He portrays an image of no one in sight.

"I don't see anyone, Chris." Michel says.

"Hmm. I swore that someone was tapping my mind." Chris rubs his chin. "Interesting."

"That still doesn't excuse what you did to me." Michel puts his finger in Chris' face.

"I was possessed." Chris throws his hands in the air. "Do you think I had a fucking choice?"

"You always have a choice!"

"This is why we don't get along, LeBouf!" Chris exclaims. "You never fucking listen!"

"Screw you, Carpenter!" Michel says. "Take responsibility for your actions!"

"You ever been controlled by a high-level psychic, Michel? Well, have you?" Chris says as he disembarks the bike. He towers over Michel. Michel looks up. He shakes his head. "I thought not. I tried resisting. Tried. In the end I felt like I was watching a horrible movie starring me attacking my own family. To make matters worse, he used my baby sister to screw with my mind."


"Yeah. Michelle. I haven't seen her since. I can't even look at her picture without the nightmares invading my mind." Chris roars. "So, don't fuck with me. Don't get me wrong. I am glad that you protected Destiny. I could've killed her."

Michel steps back. His mouth is slightly agape. He now knows what has been running through Chris' mind. "I-I never knew. I just thought you were being a fucking ass.”

"Of course not." Chris exclaims. "Why would you even bother to ask? Touchy feely was never really your thing anyways."

"Chris, mon ami, that is not fair to say about me." Michel pleads.

"Fair? FAIR?" Exclaims Chris. "What do you know of lack of fairness?"

"What are you talking about?" Michel shakes his head.

"Because of that fucker in Jasper Springs, I am no longer the Nephilim as I was born to be. And after a run in with a high-level psychic, I have trouble being around my own family!" Exclaims Chris. "That's what's not fair! I can't trust myself around my own wife!"

Chris fidgets with the ring on the chain around his neck. He cringes at the memories of the sorcerer who controlled him by possessing Michelle.

"Whoa! Hold on, Carpenter!" Michel says. "I thought you got past this." He raises a brow.

"Well, you thought wrong! There are multiple people out there trying to ensure Destiny and I never have kids." Chris retorts. He is huffing and puffing. "Looks like that damn sorcerer is the reason right now."

"Oh, shut up, Chris." Michel says. "Stop your whining and go find her."

"And how the fuck do you suggest I go about doing that?" Chris says. His breathing is labored.

"Her brother might know where she is. Why don’t you check with him?" Michel suggests.

"Brandon?" Chris raises a brow. "You want me to call Brandon?"

Chris chuckles. He shakes his head. Michel raises a brow.

"I'm serious." Michel says.

"Yeah. Bad idea, LeBouf." Chris says. "He and I had a falling out right after that whole fiasco years ago. Though, you are right about him being the most likely person to know where Destiny is at."

"So?" Michel asks. "What's your plan?"

"I'm going to take your advice." Chris says. "I don't think it's a good idea, though. This will not go well, at best."

"Patch it up, Chris." Michel tells him. "What I have learned from all my years on this Earth, is that family is precious. Don't waste time on quarrels. You’ve got to take care of your family."

"That almost sounds like you care." Chris raises a brow.

"Don't go getting a notion like that in your head, Carpenter." Michel says poignantly. "Do what you need to do. Just make sure you stay out of my way. I don't want to see that smug face of yours again, asshole."

"Fine by me." Chris turns and heads back to his bike. He shakes his head while chuckling. "Good to see you again."

"And you as well, mon ami."

Chris and Michel go their separate ways. Chris jumps back on his Harley. He revs up the motor. Chris turns the front wheel and peels out.

The psychic, high above them, watches as Chris and Michel split up going opposite directions. He grabs his bolero. The psychic jumps from his position to the ground. His trench coat flaps in the wind.

He lands in a crouched position. The psychic sighs. He straightens up. "Wonder what that was all about? LeBouf and Carpenter? Better let Michelle know tensions are going to rise. All hell is about to break loose."

- Michelle? -

- Yes, Mystid. What do you want? - Michelle responds.

- To warn you. - Mystid tells her.

- About what? - He hears. - Warn me about what? -

- Your brother has returned. -

- You mean Chris is in Storm City? -

- Yep. -

- Oh, crap. -

- Yep. All hell is about to break loose. He’s looking for Destiny. -

- Oh, no. I hope his mind is healed. -

- He’s much angrier than I have ever seen him. -

- I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid. -

- This is Christopher we’re talking about. -

- You’re right. All hell is going to break loose. He’s bound to do something stupid. -

- May God protect us all. -

- Amen, Michelle. Amen to that. -

Southern Hospitality:

Episode 1: The Arrival of the Phoenix Hunter


There is a roaring sound outside the diner. A lone biker of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy pulls into the parking lot. From head to toe, the biker is dressed in a pink leather outfit with purple ghost flames. Even the helmet is painted in pink with purple ghost flames, she is carrying a pink East Sport backpack over her shoulders. Upon her back sits an ivory handled katana. Hanging on her hips are two customized .45 caliber pistols.

The biker pulls up into a parking spot. The biker props the bike up on its kickstand and disembarks. She looks around the parking lot. Then, she removes her helmet. She tosses her short pink hair back and forth and sweat flies. A scowl is on her face.

“Damnit, Elise. Where are you?” She mutters to herself. A spark from the neon signs pops and she turns around quickly to see it. “Destiny, calm down. No need to be jumpy.”

Destiny sets her helmet down on the handle bar of her bike. She continues to scan the traffic out on the road. She shakes her head. There is a scar running across the bridge of her nose. She sighs. The sun sets in the distance. I hope Elise is here. I really hate waiting.

“Remember, Destiny. Elise always keeps her promises.” Then, she removes her katana and slides it into the sheath attached to the side of her bike. She picks her helmet back up, turns, and walks over to the front door of the diner.

Destiny walks through the front door and the bell on the door jingles. A hostess in a black vest over a white button down blouse and black slacks raises her head. The hostess is a young Nubian woman with her hair in corn rows, a welcoming smile on her face.

The young woman greets her. Her name tag says LaShonda. “Hello. Welcome to Lester’s. How many?”

Destiny has a smile on her face. "Two. I have a friend meeting me here."

“Will you be sitting at a booth or a table?” The LaShonda asks.

“Booth. Preferably in the back.” Destiny tells her.

“Okay.” LaShonda says as she grabs two menus. “Right this way.”

LaShonda leads Destiny through the rather crowded restaurant to a glass partition near the back of the room on the right. The biker sits her helmet down along with her backpack on one of the benches. She sits down next to them. LaShonda sets a menu on each side of the table.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly."

"Thank you."

The biker begins to scan the crowd within the diner. She notices the variety of occupants in the diner. She notices that some of them are not eating. Vampires? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. The biker chuckles. "Hopefully there's no trouble."

She opens her backpack to check her gear. Inside the backpack are two custom ivory handled .45 caliber pistols. Each is loaded and ready to go in case of trouble. Stamped into the bottom of each is one letter. The letter L is on one for lycanthropes. The letter V is on the other for vampires.

Each is loaded with specialized bullets as well. The bullets for lycanthropes are tipped in silver. While the bullets for vampires are tipped in white oak ash. The bullets are specially made for her by a third party.

She turns to her left to see a young curly brunette enter the diner. She is wearing a white lab coat over a blue shirt and jeans. She closes her eyes and breathes a sigh of relief. Thank God. I wasn’t sure she’d come on such short notice.

LaShonda, the hostess, leads the young woman over towards the biker. The biker waves her hand to notify her friend. She gets up as her friend approaches, smiling, her face flushed.

"Elise, you made it." The biker hugs Elise.

"Wouldn't miss it, Des. Like the new look." Elise notices Destiny’s shorter, spiky, dyed hair. The two women sit down. "When did you get back in town?"

"Just now. Called you on the way in." Destiny feels elation, something she has recently been lacking. “Wasn’t sure you’d come.”

"I thought you knew me better than that. Of course, I came. I love you like a sister. So, what brought you back?" Elise asks. "It's been years since I've seen you."

"Chris brought me back." Destiny admits. "Been tracking him since his mind was torn apart."

The waiter comes up to their table. He is dressed just like LaShonda. In his hand are a pencil and order pad. He smiles.

"What can I get you ladies to drink?"

"I'll take a coffee." Elise says.

"Diet Coke for me." Destiny replies.

After jotting it down. He looks up. "Are you ready to order?"

"Give us a few moments." Destiny says.

"All right. Be right back with those drinks."

The waiter walks away as Destiny watches, she licks her lips seeing that his pants hug his body. "Um. Scrumptious."

"Destiny!" Elise says in a chastising tone. "You're married!"

"Really?" Destiny retorts. "Sure doesn't feel like it. That fucker attacked me. Thank God Michel was there to protect me."

Destiny breaks down and sobs. Elise pats her shoulder from across the table. "Look, I'm not sure I can help. I don't know what to do."

"I don't either." Destiny admits. "I lost track of Christopher a month ago, I thought he might return here. So, I came here and sought you out hoping that you could help."

"If he came back here..." Elise rubs her chin in thought. "...he'd have to check in with an Alpha. Not sure that he'd get a warm reception, though. He and Michel have some bad blood between them."

"I know." Destiny sighs. Elise and Destiny, then, turn their heads towards the front of the diner. There is a loud argument coming from there. Elise rolls her eyes. "Great. Come on."

“Give me a sec.” Destiny removes the two custom pistols from her backpack. She holsters them into holsters on her custom biker outfit. “Okay. Ready.”

The two ladies start to head towards the front of the diner. They are not pleased for having their meal interrupted.

As they near the front, Destiny and Elise can hear a person growling and another hissing. Elise looks at Destiny as she unholsters her pistols. She pulls the hammers back to arm them.

Destiny and Elise see the two arguing patrons. One patron is pale skinned. He is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and matching tie. His hair is dark brown and slicked back. This patron is hissing.

The other patron has thick bushy brown hair with mutton chops. He is wearing a blue flannel shirt and jeans. This patron, who is growling, stands beside the table where his family is sitting.

"Cool it." Destiny says as she aims the pistols at the two arguing patrons. "Go back to your party." Both the vampire and the lycan back away from one another with shock on their faces.

"Fine. I don't want to be any closer to this dog than I must be. This establishment really needs to keep the stink to a minimum." The vampire says. He turns and heads back towards his party. Others in his party sit while sipping on their drinks. Elise holds the lycan, who is growling. Elise is glaring at him.

Destiny holsters one pistol with the other still pointing at the lycan. The lycan sees the pistol in his face. He stops growling as he puts his hands in the air.

"Whoa, kiddo. Please put the guns away. There is no need for it."

"What's going on?" Elise asks. "Why would you go and rile up a Sangria, Tom?"

"Not intentional. I promise." Tom tells them, "I just came here to have dinner with Melanie and Marissa. Then, that bloodsucker comes up and starts causing trouble. Scared Marissa here." nodding toward his table.

Destiny holsters the remaining pistol. She, then, rubs the back of her neck. "What I can't understand from this is his motivation? Why stir trouble now? What would he have to gain by it?"

"Little lady, I couldn't tell you." Tom says with his arms crossed. "Now do you two mind. I would like to get back to my dinner."

"Of course, nice to see you again, Tom. Melanie. Marissa." Elise says. She leads Destiny back towards their table. Elise bites her upper lip.

"Elise, what's going on?" Destiny asks. Her senses are going off.

"I don't know, Des." Elise replies. They sit down at their table. "I am going to have to call my contacts. This is upsetting. You might want to call on Brandon."

"You think he can help?" Destiny raises a brow.

"He might know something we don't." Elise raises both brows and slightly grins.

"You make a very good point." Destiny gulps as the waiter returns with their drinks. "Maybe he'll have some word on Chris."

"Who knows, Des." Elise stirs some creamer and sugar into her coffee. She, then, takes a sip of her coffee. "Anything's possible."

"True." Destiny runs a hand through her hair with a look of trepidation on her face. Something, here, is setting my senses off. I don’t like it at all.

"Very true. And that is what worries me. I have a bad feeling that the worst is yet to come."

“I hope you’re wrong, Des.” Elise says as Destiny sips her Diet Coke. “I hope you are way off.”

“I do, too, Elise. I do, too.” Destiny says while looking at the menu to decide what to order.

Griffin Kane 1: Darkness Reigns
by Bryan Rainey

It was a dark, dank night. The rain is so thick that you can only see five feet ahead of yourself. There is cracking thunder in the sky. Griffin Kane wades out in the monsoon. He is following a young man down an alley way. He is huffing and puffing as his drenched clothes weigh him down.

Griffin looks around as he stops under an awning to dry off for a moment. He cannot see anything. His phone rings. He pulls it out of his back pocket. He swipes the phone icon.

“Hello?” Griffin asks. He is still trying to catch his breath.

“Griffin, did you find him?” A female voice on the other end of the line asks.

“No, Dee, I did not.” Griffin says. “I followed him into an alleyway and lost him.”

“You lost him!”

“You try seeing in this monsoon, darling.”

“Sorry, Griff. I need him found. His family is on my back.”

“Yeah. I know. But something about this sends a chill up my spine.” Griffin removes his pistol from its holster. He takes a deep breath. “I am going to see if I can pick up his trail.”

“Good. Talk to you later.”

“Damnit, Dee. I should not be out in this weather.” Griffin mutters as he puts his phone back in his back pocket. He grits his teeth and dives back out into the monsoon of rain.

He heads deeper into the alleyway holding both hands on the pistol grip. He looks back and forth. Griffin cannot see those watching him. He can feel the presence of others. He keeps spinning around as he continues down the alleyway.

“LeShaun, where are you?” Griffin asks loudly. “Your family wants you home.”

LeShaun stands up from behind a crate. He towers over Griffin. The rain drips from his blonde dreadlocks. He is growling.

“You must be joking, PI.” LeShaun says. His milk chocolate skin has an ashen hue. “You think they want me home if they knew the truth.”

“They do not care, LeShaun.” Griffin says as the rain becomes colder and icier. “You have been missing for over a week.”

“Has it been a week now? Hmm. Time passes by so quickly for me.” LeShaun admits. He walks around the crate and closer to Griffin. Griffin jumps back at the speed at which LeShaun moves.

“Whoa.” Griffin says as he jumps backwards.

“You see, PI. This is why they will not want me back.” LeShaun crooks his head. “You are nervous. I can sense the blood pumping through your veins.”

“Do not make me shoot you.”

LeShaun laughs. He, then, snaps his fingers. Several others like himself rise from the various corners of the alleyway. Griffin notices he is surrounded. He gulps.

“Well, P.I., you have gotten yourself into such a pickle.” LeShaun says gleefully. “My friends and I are going to feed on you. It will be a great feast.”

Griffin straightens up. He chuckles. “You think so.” Griffin stomps his foot. “Who said I was a P.I.?”

Others appear on the rooftops. Their laser sights are trained on LeShaun and his fellow vampires surrounding Griffin. LeShaun growls at Griffin. “So, you are a hunter?”

“Yes, and no.” Griffin says. “I am a hunter for hire. I go where I am needed. My team comes with me.”

“Go now and we will let you live.” LeShaun snarls in disgust.

“Actually, you all are coming with us.”

Griffin’s team keeps their weapons trained on the vampires as they leap off the roof and into the alleyway. LeShaun glares at Griffin.  “You knew where we were all along. You tricked me.”

“Not exactly.” Griffin admits. “I had an idea. But this rain made it harder.”

“You will not get away with this.” LeShaun growls at Griffin. His fangs show. “I will rip your throat out.”

Griffin steadies his pistol in LeShaun’s face. “Promises. Promises. Now move!” Griffin motions with his pistol. LeShaun starts heading out of the alleyway.

At the end of the alleyway is a large armored truck. Griffin and his team lead the vampires to the armored truck. They are loadedin. Griffin stands off to the side as his trusted second-in-command walks up to him.

“Griffin, we have a problem.” The scruffy older man says.

“What is our problem, Leslie?” Griffin asks.

“This was too easy. No fight and they came willingly.” Leslie Kaufman, a tall, balding man, mentions. He rubs the back of his neck. “I believe that we are being watched. There is no way that these vampires are this compliant.”

“I know, Leslie. I have thought the same.” Griffin agrees. He smirks. “We need to get these vampires back to the containment facility. Then we can figure out what is to come.”

A figure in the shadows watches through the wall of rain. A pair of stark white teeth appear on a silhouetted figure. He continues to watch the Mercs. They load into their vehicles and begin to leave the area. The man steps out of the shadows and into the hard rain.

“Mr. Kane, you will soon know who has a price on your head.” The silhouetted figure says. “But for now, I will keep you under observation.” He covers himself with his cloak and, then, disappears into thin air.

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